Gobble, Gobble

We will be heading over to my mom’s house tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with my family this year and of course she requested cookies.  Every big family gathering I go to my mom asks for my iced sugar cookies and of course I oblige.  This year up until I was about to make my dough I had planned on just doing some simple fall leaves, but then of course Pinterest sucked me in.  I don’t know about you all but I love Pinterest I could spend all day long pinning treats and crafts I want to try.  Anyway as I was saying I was checking email and saw I new friend was following me so I went and took a peek at her boards and saw the cutest little turkey cookies- I was sold!  I immediately headed to the garage to get my cookie cutter bin out in search of what I needed-Valentines day cookie cutters (yes you read correctly)  I did alter mine slightly from what I had seen on Pinterest they used 3 single heart cutters to form their feathers and I went with a double heart.  There were 2 reasons I changed it up- 1. I liked the look a little better and 2.  I was not going to attach mine I just wanted to lay them out for presentation but hen have more single cookies for people to grab and enjoy :)


So making these cute little Turkeys is quite simple- you need a heart or double heart cookie cutter mine looks like this

and then a circle that is proportionate to your feather cookie- I just used a small glass jar I had.  Here’s a little secret I actually do not own any just plain circle cookie cutters I am always just using jars and glasses I have around the kitchen

Make up some sugar cookie dough- bake the cookies then ice and enjoy :)!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone- enjoy your day!


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