LOVE cupcakes

I made these cupcakes last year for one of my daughters Valentines Day Parties at school.  I got the idea from the Martha Stewart.  They are quick, simple, yummy and of course super cute!  I decided to make them again this year so I could share them with all of you.

They really are simple for the cake I actually just used a Devils food cake mix and the icing is a chocolate ganache recipe they are enjoy using in various recipes for example in my Smores cookie-whiches :) so you can go there to get the ganache recipe.  I mixed my cake batter according to the package direction, and then filled my lined cupcake tin.  IMPORTANT- make sure you only fill them about half way otherwise the cupcakes puff up too much.  As soon as they were done baking I used a piping bag and filled the center with some Buttercream frosting (save some of your frosting to pipe your “love” on top)  If you are trying to keep things simple just use some store bought frosting, but you could also make your own buttercream frosting my favorite recipe is the Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting.  While the cupcakes are cooling mix up you chocolate ganache once it is made I would let it set for about 5 minutes then take you cupcakes and dip them in the ganache until the tops are covered I usually go back through a second time and dip each cupcake once more.  Once they are all dipped you need to let the ganache harden I leave mine for a couple of hours.  Once the ganache is set take you piping bag switch out you tip and pipe the “LOVE” on top and you are done.  Super cute cupcakes that are sure to impress whoever you decide to share them with :)

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