Tangled party

Well about 6 months ago my sweet Mackenzie told me that she wanted to have a Tangled birthday party.  I was very excited about the theme and could not wait to come up with the treats for it.  One of my favorite things to do is throw birthday parties for my daughters :)  I love the decorating and of course the baking.  We had my iced sugar cookies which have been a birthday tradition in our family since my oldest daughters First birthday party- the only thing that changes is the shape.  I also made chocolate covered Pretzel rods that looked like Rapunzel’s tower and then cupcakes.  I made a special  Rapunzel tower cupcake for the birthday girl.

How to make the Rapunzel Tower cupcake:


Toilet paper roll

a Dowel rod

Various shades of grey paint

Ice cream cone

purple candy melts

yellow embroidery thread

black cardstock

You will paint your toilet paper roll to look like a stone tower and take the embroidery thread and make a braid. The ice cream cone you will want to coat in the candy melts.  Cut the dowel rod to the height you want the tower to be including the Cupcake on top and then hot glue it sticking straight up on a paper plate.  Once you have baked your over-sized cupcake you will want to first put the toilet paper roll and then place the cupcake on top of the dowel rod.  Next you will take purple icing and ice the cupcake and then place the ice cream cone on top.  Finally cut a window out of the cardstock and attach it with the braid coming out of it to the side of the cupcake.  There you have it a very cute Rapunzel tower cupcake for your birthday girl


Rapunzel Tower Pretzels

These are the pretzels I made for the party.  To make them you will need short pretzel rods, bugles and some candy melts  and royal icing.  I first took some white candy melts and melted them and then added just a touch of Super black icing color to make it grey.  Then I dipped the pretzels in my grey “chocolate” mixture and put a bugle on top and laid it down on wax paper to harden.

Once they are done hardening you will want to melt your purple candy melts and then dip just he bugle tips into the purple and lay them back on the wax paper to harden.  After they were hardened I took some royal icing and piped on the details (the window, braid and bow)


I looked around a little bit for some Rapunzel decorations, but there were not a lot and plus for me part of the fun is coming up with my own.  I ended up sticking with shades of purple for the streamers and balloons and used a few purple fake flowers here and there.  One of my favorite decorations was the long braid of Rapunzel hair that went all along the banister for our stairs.  I also made a Happy Birthday banner- something I have started doing for my girls parties the past couple of years.

If you need an idea for party favors what I did was bought water-color paints and made labels for them with a picture of Pascal and called them Rapunzel paints.


We had so much fun at the party and I think it was just what the birthday girl was wanting.  If you are thinking about doing a Tangled party for your sweet princess I hope that some of these ideas help you to have “The BEST day EVER!!!”

The Sweet Birthday girl!




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