Harry Potter Party- The Party

Hello all I know I have been a bit MIA lately but I am back :)  I threw a Harry Potter Party for my oldest daughters 9th birthday and we had a blast!

I think this might have been one of my favorite parties yet that I have done for one of my girls.  I am going to share with you all about what we did from the invites to the treats we ate.  I know I usually mostly just blog about the food but this time I am giving you all the whole package

Let’s start at the beginning with the invitations.  I made a letter from Hogwarts inviting the children to a special birthday celebration for the new “head” girl- Party invitation- letter from Hogwarts 

Now my sweet daughter decided this year that she really wanted to invite her entire 3rd grade class and also a few friends who were not in her class then you ass family friends and cousins it ends up to be quite a few kids-  we had 27 kids coming so I knew we needed to have something to keep them busy or we might have a crazy situation on our hands.  I decided that it would be best of we could have the kids in smaller groups and what better way to do that than with a “sorting hat”  as the children arrived they reached into the “sorting hat” and drew out a House crest and that was the group they would be in for the party.

Since we had 4 groups I came up with four “classes” for them to rotate through.  We had Transfiguration, Care of magical Creatures, Potions and Spell Writing.

Transfiguration- the kids played a game of charades- the clues mostly came from the harry Potter books

Words for Charades: Basilisk, Vampire, Wizard, Unicorn, Muggle, Owl, Whomping Willow, Potion, Dementor, House Elf, Giant, Dragon, Ghost and Flying car

My Daughter taking her turn in Transfiguration class

Care of Magical Creatures- For this class the children made origami owls- there are lots of instructions online for different types of origami owls you will want to look around and find one that is the right skill level for the kids you will have a t the party- we had 2 versions and all the kids chose to do the easier of the two


Some of our “Hogwarts” students making their Owls

Potions- This class was held outside on our deck because it was a messy one.  I found a “potion” online that would fizz and foam and change colors.  I put all the ingredients in bottles and jars and labeled them with fun potion ingridient names from the Harry Potter books.

this is the foaming Potion I used at the party

I was the Potions class instructor we had  a lot of fun

Spell Writing- For this class I just had a list of simple phrases or things you might want a spell for and let the kids come up with fun phrases to be the spell.  I did get a couple Latin-English dictionaries from the library to have at this station but I am not sure they were really used I think if the kids were a little bit older they might enjoy having those more.  I also found some Harry Potter Word finds and printed them off to have at this station as well.

This is the site where I found the word searches and the spell writing sheets

A group of  ”students” at Spell Writing class

After all of the houses had rotated through the different classes we all gathered in the great hall aka our living room to sing Happy Birthday to my sweet Madalyn :)

Madalyn about to blow out her candle

 After we sang the kids loaded up their plates and headed out to the lawn to sit on blankets and enjoy their treats.  Do not worry I am not going into detail here about the treat but there will be a whole seperate post about the goodies we had because that is really what my blog is mostly about the sweets :)

Madalyn on the lawn enjoying birthday treats with some friends

The last activity after the kids all got done enjoy there treats was to play a muggle version of Quidditch.  I bought some cheap plastic hoop like necklaces and yard sticks to make 3 rings to go at each end of our yard and then got some wiffle balls.  The object was basically for the kids to run around and try to throw the balls through the rings on their opponents side of the yard- we had a line that they could not cross you will want to adjust this line as the game goes on and you can see how well the kids can throw the balls towards the rings.  It was not a very involved game, but the kids seemed to enjoy it!


This party was a lot of fun and if you are considering a Harry Potter themed party for you or your child I hope you are able to take some of these ideas and use them.  As I mentioned I will be posting a second post soon with all the treats I made/had for the party.  this will include the Goody bags we sent home which were full of sweets from “Honeydukes” well my version of them at least :)

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